Main activities are

  • axial piston pump and motor type SPV and SMF size 20 -27
  • spare part on axial piston pump and motor type SPV and SMF size 20 - 27
  • gear pump with geometric capacity 6 - 250 cm3
  • pump and motor with declination blocked AM, AC
  • sales of hydraulic components and spare parts company Sauer-Danfoss
  • hydraulic distributor valve and compressive vented variation hydraulic elementary and aggregation after abortion consumer
  • spare parts on tractors ZETOR and ZTS
  • spare parts on building and grounding machinery ZTS
  • bearing

Product and project activity
  • cooperative production axial piston pump and motor type SPV  and SMF
  • production and examination hydraulic system

The design and consulting
  • the scope of consultations working for the hydraulic system
  • advisory services for the solution of complex structural problems of our customers
  • proposal hydraulic systems of stationary and mobile devices
  • technical assistance and engineering for the projection of hydraulic systems
  • design and consulting activity is carried out as a paid service

Natural stone, treated and their products

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